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Where is your institute located?

The institute is located in Lebanon, Tripoli - Jabal Al Beddawi - Governmental Hospital Road - Tamkeen Street
Please see the location on Google Maps:


What are the available majors?

The main specialties available in vocational education at Tamkeen Institute are as follows:

Industrial Specialties: Automotive Mechanics, Electricity, Architectural Drawing

Technical Specialties: Nursing, Accounting and Information Technology, Early Childhood Education, Information Technology.

What are the documents required for registration and when can I register?

1- Three certified photographs
2- An extract of a civil record or a certified copy of the ID
3- A certified school statement or an official certified certificate
To come to the institute from Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm

Can I book a study seat now?

Yes, you can book a seat at Tamkeen Institute by contacting us via the link below:


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Al Baddawi - near Five Stars






Accounting and Informatics

Kindergarten education

Car mechanics


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